Analytical tool of authentication of latent factors of effective enterprises’ management

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 005.3:005.642.4

An analytical tool which allows to identify the latent factors of effective enterprises’ management in dependence on the stage of their life cycle is considered. Recommendations are given in relation to the increase of effectiveness of agrarian production of enterprises, taking into account the phases of their life cycle. (more…)

Formation of the scientifi c community as the basis for an innovative economy

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
УДК 001.891(076.6)1

The article deals with theoretical, methodological and organizational principles applied forming scientifi c community as the basis for an innovative economy; reasonably infl uence of education and research and innovation systems on the process of social reproduction and implementation of research and innovation functions of the national economy are grounded. (more…)

Організаційно-економічний механізм відтворення в агропромисловому комплексі на засадах екологічної безпеки

3(80), том 2, 2014
UNC 001.891(076.6)1

The article discusses the main directions of realization of organizational and economic mechanism of reproduction in agriculture based on ecological safety; The features of effective decision-making system ensuring environmental safety at different levels of social reproduction are defi ned.


Development of environmental auditing in rural building

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 631:15:658

In the article the relevance of the study of environmental auditing development in industrial and civil building in rural areas was determined. The practice of international standards aimed at ensuring ecological compatibility of building materials and constructions – the Environmental Management System BS 7750 was investigated. The environmental standards for construction activities used in the Russian Federation were defi ned. The model environmental auditing of industrial and civil building in rural areas of Ukraine was proposed. (more…)

Institute of economics and forecasting of NAS of Ukraine. The futures of government regulation of wholesale markets of agricultural products in Ukraine

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC [338.242.4:338.43](477)1

The condition of government regulation of WMAP in Ukraine had been investigated. The legislative framework of state regulation WMAP had been analyzed. The ways to improve the legal framework in terms of regulation of WMAP had been proposed. (more…)

The least widespread of introducents of genus Nepeta L. as a new source for the national wine industry

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 582.929.4+663.2/.3:663.837.5

The practical aspect of the use of plant species of the genus Nepeta L., introduced in the National Botanical Garden by N. Grishko of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the domestic wine industry was investigated. The prospects of Nepeta mussinii Spreng. ex Henckel, N. transcaucasica Grossh., N. cataria L., N. sibirica L. as a source of raw material for new compositions of vermouth were defi  ned.


Характеристика гумусового стану схилових чорноземних грунтів степу України.

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 631.417.2:631.445.4 (477.7)1

The article discusses the situation of humus status of slope black soils of steppes of Ukraine. It was determined that the slope of the soil with humus horizon
is shorter compared to the watershed soils. The total amount of reserves and humus is less. In addition, these soils are different in their content, value and
distribution profi  le of humic and fulvic acids.