Issue 1 (101), 2019

Cover sheet
I. Honcharenko, О. Kuzmin, E. Neroznak, N. Skybinskyi. Implementation of the economic model of closed-loop in the Mykolayiv region4
H. Partyn, A. Zahorodniy, N. Zaiats. Socio-reputation capital of an enterprise: essence, components, estimation10
N. Potryvaieva, O. Dovgal. Theories of regional development and their influence on the development of agricultural territories18
I. Krylova, H. Kovalenko, I. Potochylova. Factors, that influence labor productivity based on ensuring the opportunities for human development24
M. Minyailo, N. Galunets. Features of the process of decentralization in the Mykolaiv region31
R. Vozhegova, A. Kryvenko. The impact of biological products on winter wheat productivity and economic and energy efficiency of the technology of its cultivation in conditions of the Southern Ukraine39
A.Semenov, I.Korotkova, T. Sakhno, N. Marenich. The exploiting of agronomic potential of UV-C irradiation for increasing the pre-sowing qualities of the carrot seeds47
Ye. Domaratsky, V. Bazali, O. Domaratsky. The productivity of winter rape depending on nitrogen nutrition and growth regulating fertilizers under climate change conditions53
D. Shatsman. Effective production of corn grain at the repeated growing and different systems of defence in left-bank of Forest-steppe of Ukraine63
L. Strika, T. Pidpala, A. Kramarenko. Optimization of parameters of technological process of production of meat semifinished products70
D.-V. Pasiechko, V. Kushnerenko, L. Dashevska. Use of correlation, regression and logistic models for the losses estimation of dairy industry from the heat stress77
L. Baklanova. Activity of blood enzymes of lactating cows with different indicators of volume and weight coefficient and number of lactations84
I. Slyusarenko. Exterior and intensity of the growth of cross-breed ewes F1 derived from the crossing of ewes of the Tsigai breed with the rams of the meat breeds90
T. Moroz, V. Endres. Advantages of hybrid mobile applications and progressive web apps for entrepreneurs96
L. Patryeva. New requirements to the foodstuffs labelling103
N. Radionov, D. Marchenko, V. Kurepin. Determination of the main directions of injury prevention in agricultural enterprises111
V. Melnichenko. Basic scientific approaches to management in modern education118