Basic scientific approaches to management in modern education

UDC 378.14

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2019-1(101)-17

V. Melnichenko


        It should be especially emphasized that in today’s conditions of the labor market, new models of economics and control of educational institutions are required, solving of problems of this branch development in general depends on them. That is why searching for new ways of managing and improving the organization of the educational process is gaining the special significance in modern conditions.
        In the theory of management, there are two points of view on the relation between the concepts of “control” and “management”. Some authors believe that control is only one of the functions of management, while others – other way round. We believe that the concept of “management” covers the following aspects of the control of a particular institution, such as types of managerial control, features of motivation, work with personnel, control styles. Management in education is always an orientation of executive functions to the needs of the labor market, the demand for various types of services. Control in education – is the orientation of executive functions for specific decisions of higher organizations, managers, achievement of the goal. Summarizing Western practice, we have the following definition of the term manager: it is the subject of management in an organization, a professional chief who realizes that he is a representative of a special profession, and not just an engineer, economist or teacher who is in charge of management.
        In management, the controlling cycle includes the main managerial functions: planning, organization of activities, regulation and control. Thus, controlling functions are considered as specific types of management activities that form a cyclic process of control. The accumulated experience allowed the author to conclude: the crisis of education is not related to the shortcomings laid down in the very idea of reforming education, but with errors in the management of this system both at the state level and at the level of educational institutions themselves. Scientific control is not just a conscious control. This is a control, the subject of management relies on in his influence on society, on the scientific laws of social development perception.
        In our opinion, the main problem of reforming modern education in Ukraine is determining the place in this reform for the training of managers of the new formation. It is a pity that the concept of the “New Ukrainian School” does not involve the training of the heads of educational institutions.

      Key words: control, management, pedagogical management, scientific control, functions, principles, methods of control.


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