Issue 2 (102), 2019

Cover sheet


I. Cherven, S. Pavliuk. Reform of decentralization and development of rural regions in Ukraine 4
N. Potryvaieva, I. Pelypkanych. Prospects for updating the material and technical base of agro-enterprises on the basis of innovations 12
Yu. A. Kormishkin, M. P. Minyailo. The role of urban united territorial communities in the development of rural areas 18


А. Goychuk, V. Drozda, І. Kulbanska, М. Shvets. Phytopathogenic bacteria in the pathology of forest trees of Polyssya and forest-steppe of Ukraine 28
M. Fedorchuk, V. Nagirny. Influence of the terms of sowing different varieties of winter barley and trace elements involved on photosynthetic performance 34
R. Vozhehova, Ya. Belov. Improving the cultivation of corn hybrids under irrigation in the South of Ukraine 41
P. Trofymenko, V. Zhuravlev, N. Trofymenko, S. Veremeyenko. Modeling and agroecological substantiation of a recovery period for soils to ensure their sustainable functioning
A. Chernova, O. Kovalenko, M. Korkhova, L. Antipova. Ways to increase the survival rate of sweet sorghum plants in the conditions of Southern Step in Ukraine 56
A. Svyrydov, A. Svyrydov. Grain sorghum young growth formation depending on weather conditions of the Eastern Forest-Steppe 62
D. Sadova. Digital relief model as a spatial basis for mapping soils using remote methods 69
S. Kramarenko, A. Kramarenko, S. Lugovoy, A. Lykhach, V. Lykhach. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of the reproductive traits in the Large White sows 75
T. Pidpala, Yu. Matashnyuk. Highly Productive Cows of Holstein Breed Under Intensive Technology 82
О. Karatieieva. Analysis of the causes of disposal and the period of economic use of the Red Steppe breed cows 89


V. Havrysh, V. Hruban, А. Kalinichenko. Feasibility of controlling the thermal regime of the transmission of agricultural machines in conditions of Ukraine 96