Issue 3 (103), 2019

Cover sheet


Shebanina O., Kormyshkin Yu. The modern paradigm of innovative development of agricultural entrepreneurship
Vyshnevska O. Financial security of global safety of social systems11
Sirenko N., Mikulyak K. Investment component of the agricultural sector development and its financial support in the market environment20
Poltorak A. Budgetary security of Ukraine: dynamics of level in the conditions of globalization changes28
Natorina A. O. Transitive business model of digital business: the nature and mechanism of reconfiguration36


Osokina N., Herasymchuk О., Kostetska К. Biologically active substances in cans of black currant berries under complex processing44
Tsentilo L. Crop rotation productivity depending on fertilizer and soil cultivation52
Ivanova I., Serdyuk M., Herasko T., Belous E., Kryvonos I. The sweet cherry yield depending on the climatic conditions of the years of cultivations61
Strelchuk L. Contemporary Agro-ecological and Forestry Technical Characteristics of the Field Forest Protection in the Plain-Steppe Territory of Kherson Region71
Vasylyshyna O. Optimization of storage fruit foods with preparing processing by hytosan solution80
Mylostyvyi R. Estimation of the heat stress probability in cows in an uninsulated cowshed during summer heat88
Hryshyna L., Krasnoshchok O. Meat quality of purebred, crossbred and hybrid young pigs of varying growth rates98


Sheichenko V. , Dudnikov I., Shevchuk V., Kuzmich A. The analytical assessment of the needle harrow interaction with the soil107