Vasylyshyna O. Optimization of storage fruit foods with preparing processing by hytosan solution

UDC 66.011: 634.23: 664.8.032


O. Vasylyshyna


The main task of the modern commodity producer is to preserve and bring to the consumer quality products with the least losses. However, the term consumption of perishable fruits of cherry is limited by the period of achievement. And since the quality of products and the weight loss during storage depend on the taste and quality of products, we aim to optimize these parameters and establish their interconnection. For this purpose, cherry varieties of Shpanka and Lotovka were sprayed with 0,5 or 1% solution of chitosan and dried naturally during the day before harvesting. They were loaded into boxes of 5 kg capacity and stored at a temperature of 5 ± 0.5 ° C and a relative humidity of not less than 95 ± 1%. After storage, the commodity quality of products was determined according to GSTU 01.1-37-167: 2004 and the account of natural mass losses by weighing. Determination of the content of dry soluble substances was carried out on a refractometer RPL-3M, the content of ascorbic acid − iodometric method. Positive effect of preliminary processing of cherry fruit with 1% solution of chitosan was revealed. After 21 days of storage, the yield of fruit products of the cherry variety of Shpanka was 85,5% and Lotovka – 84,4%; weight loss decreased by 20% and accounted for 4,6% and 3,8% respectively. At the same time, the losses of dry soluble substances are the lowest – 2,9 and 3,9%, losses of ascorbic acid content – 22,7% and 16,9%. On the basis of the correlation-regression analysis, a mathematical model for determining the commodity evaluation of cherry fruit was obtained based on storage (х1) duration and mass loss (х2 ) − у = 75,2 + 0,55 х1 − 0,83 х2.

Key words: cherry, commodity quality, mass loss, chitosan.