Vyshnevska O. Financial security of global safety of social systems

UDC 33.061


O. Vyshnevska


Introduction. The manifestations of globalization are of a different scale and character, due to the ability of individual systems to adapt to change. The development of most countries of the world shows adaptation to the manifestations of globalization in the political, socio-economic and environmental spheres.
Purpose. The purpose of the study is to substantiate the priorities of society development, taking into account global ecological challenges, identifying the features of the environmental dimension of environmental impact, and implementing ratified environmental agreements in order to limit the negative manifestations in certain territories. The practical implementation of environmental measures is regulated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, ratified by the Paris Agreement.
Results. The processes occurring in the globalization environment require the combined efforts of world leaders, international organizations, public figures. Only a joint policy of leveling threats, including environmental ones, will ensure the preservation of the environment of states and regions of the world. It is proved that the general policy on the terms of partnership allows us to combine efforts to protect the environment, draw attention to the environmental problems of the planet, and prioritize the environmental dimensions of the global world. It has been substantiated that a coordinated environmental policy, responsibility at different levels of management, the adequacy of financing environmental projects will limit thermal growth and level the global environmental catastrophe. The need to create an Environmental Code, an environmental court has been determined. Financial support for programs, initiatives, including global ones, relies on the capabilities of individual states of the world. Partnership with international organizations allows to attract, including on favorable terms, financial resources for the purpose of implementation of programs, ensuring development and safety of society.
Conclusions. The basic and priority task of Ukraine’s environmental policy is the adaptation and implementation of a number of environmental measures in view of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, ratified by the Paris Agreement. The practical implementation of environmental tasks at the state, regional and local levels should be in line with the ratified Agreement, the implementation of certain EU law, and the existing transboundary threats. The need to create an Environmental Code, an environmental court has been determined. The financial security of the global security of all social systems must be based on a global partnership that will balance the situation and neutralize conflicts. The principles of partnership in the financial security of global security of social systems require a stable interaction between the participants in lending and investment processes, trust, ethics, effective financial policies, risk prevention, tolerance at all levels of government.

Keywords: global security, national security, social system, adaptation, asymmetry, partnership, national interests, financial support, lending to development programs.