Issue 1 (105), 2020


Cover sheet


V. Shebanin, O. Novikov, M. Karpenko. The applicability of implementation of the irrigation in modern conditions4
T. Lunkina, А. Burkovska, А. Burkovska. Features of forming socio-responsible behavior in the consumer of organic production of the agricultural sector in Ukraine11
I. Honcharenko, V. Pereta, N. Kuchmanich. The potential of the strategic development of the united territorial communities of the region19
A. Diuk. Social responsibility in the production system of agricultural enterprises: Methodical aspects of evaluation27
S. Lutkovska. Strategic management of environmental risks as a direction of ensuring sustainable ecological and economic development37


L. Antipova. Hay yield of alfalfa varieties depending on weather conditions and the application of the growth-regulating drug Emistim C43
V. Gamayunova, V. Kudrina. Formation of aboveground mass and sunflower yield under the influence of certain elements of cultivation technology50
Y. Kravchenko. Implementation of scientific approaches in a soil conservation agriculture and an agrarian policy for north-eastern Chinese chernozems fertility reproduction58
L. Strika, T. Pidpala., O. Petrova, N. Shevchuk. Optimization of the parameters of the technological process of production of cooked sausages71
T. Synenko, N. Frolova. Enzymatic hydrolysis of whey proteins of milk79
L. Lanzhenko, N. Dets, O. Kruchek, Ye. Izbash. Selection of fat and vegetable components for the production of combined ice cream87


V. Pastukhov, V. Zubko. Research changes in the soil and plants properties in different periods of the production process94
V. Prуshliak, I. Babyn, I. Hunko. Modeling of the operating modes of the washing system for milk pipelines of milking equipment with an air injector102
S. Mykolenko, M. Omelchenko. Application of sprouted spelt grain for bread production110