Babenko D., Gorbenko O., Dotsenko N., Kim N. Optimization of structural and kinematic parameters of separator of vegetable and melon crops

UDC 631.361.8


Babenko D.

Gorbenko O.

Dotsenko N.

Kim N.


The most time-consuming operation in the process of obtaining melon seeds is the operation of extracting seeds from seed fruits. In the article it is presented the classification scheme of crushing and separating machines. In the study, attention is paid to the separator of the vibrating type, when comparing it to the the rotary, both cylindrical and conical types that are more labor intensive in maintenance and require complex adjustments in the transition from processing of one cropp to another.
The technological process was experimentally investigated only for separators with constant particle pressure on the surface of the sieve in isolation from the real separated mass (shredded seed floors). No studies of the dependence of seed injury at different magnitudes of the frequency and amplitude of oscillations of the screen were performed and the effect of the specific feed on the seed loss and its purity was not revealed. This has led to the fact that the optimal design of machines for the production of melon seeds, adapted to the technology of seed processing in large specialized farms. The dependencies used in the design of the equipment may not always be used properly because of differences in the percentage of seeds and impurities in the mass to be processed. Also, the technological regimes of the separator affecting the purity of the seeds, their losses and trauma were not optimized.
The analysis of mathematical models was performed for cucumber “Concurent“, as with the same kinematic modes of the experimental setup, the qualitative performance of the technological process on the seeds of the cucumber is worse than on the seeds of watermelon. The main factors affecting the quality of the process of the screen separator are revealed: the angle of inclination of the lattice surface, the frequency of oscillations of the sieve, the amplitude of its oscillations, the angle of application of forced oscillations and the length of the sieve. The optimization criteria were selected: seed purity, magnitude of their injury and the level of seed loss.
The factors that have the greatest influence on the quality of the technological process are determined: the frequency of vibration of the screen, the amplitude of oscillations and the length of the working surface of the sieve. The ranges of variation of independent factors allowed to provide modes of both inertial separation and vibration separation. There are found the ranges of the optimal combination of independent factors. In the case of trauma of seeds of 4-6%, purity of 70-75% and losses lie in the range of 6-7%, it is necessary for the frequency of oscillations to be 9.0-42.0 (1 / s), the amplitude of oscillations can be at the level of 24-32 (mm), and the length of the working part of the sieve is 1.2-1.6 (m). In vibration separation mode (oscillation frequency greater than 30 (1 / s); amplitude greater than 35 mm (at the angle of application of oscillation force 100) seed injury does not exceed 5% and their frequency is within 70 … 71%. Inertial separator mode achieves seed loss of 5-6%, so that the research will improve the quality of separation of melon seeds and cucumber, reduce its injury by developing and optimizing the process of cleaning seeds from pulp and pulverized bark separators.

Keywords: vegetable and melon crops, separator, kinematic and design parameters.



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