Issue 1 (109), 2021

Cover sheet



Ostrovska H. Іndustrial enterprises intellectual resources management in а knowledge-based economy 4
Babiak N., Krutous N. CVP-analysis in the conditions of multiproduct manufacturing as a tool of operational controlling 11
Zamorskyi V., Kamedzko T., Manushkina T., Samoilenko M., Buchilov V. Productivity of the mother root and cutting garden of the pumiselect clone rootstock in the Steppe of Ukraine 20
Polevoy A., Kostiukievych T., Tolmachova А., Zhygailo О. The impact of climatic changes on forming the corn productivity in the western forest-steppe of Ukraine 29

Аlmashova V., Onishenko S., Yevtushenko О. Influence of vegetable pea seed treatment with boron and molybdenum on plant growth and development depending on sowing period


Kostetska K., Ulianych I., Zheliezna V., Holubiev M.Engineering in the technology of manufacture of extruded feed additives

Clausen O., Patryeva L. The Danish model of organic agriculture 53
Gutyansky R., Popov S., Kostromitin V., Kuzmenko N., Gluboky O. The influence of basic tillage and fertilizer on weediness of sunflower crop 60
Iovenko V., Hladii I. The growth, development and meat qualities characteristics of different genotypes lambs 69

Hruban V., Havrysh V., Kalinichenko A. The determining of the force for corn-cobs separation

Marian G., Gelu I., Istrati B., Gudîma A., Nazar B., Pavlenco A., Banari A., Daraduda N. Quality of pellets produced from agricultural wood residues specific to the Prut river basin 84
Kim N. Generalized indicator of qualimetry objects quality of various nature 94