T. Gorokhova. The influence of the development of digital technologies on consumer behaviour

UDK 332.338


T. Gorokhova


Azov State Technical University


The article analyzes various aspects of the impact of new digital technologies on consumer behavior. With the necessity of sociological interpretation and understanding of digital reality as a large-scale socio-economic phenomenon, the search for social determinants of consumer behavior in these conditions is formulated. Digital technologies are promising tools for the social construction of consumer behavior is argued. Theoretical approaches to the study of consumer behavior are investigated. The factors of the digital environment that influence the behavior of customers are highlighted. The significant influence of digital marketing on consumer behavior has been noted. The connection between the sharing economy and changes in consumer behavior is noted. The article analyzes the impact of digital technologies and the development of digital platforms on changing consumer behavior. In a critical analysis of the functioning of the joint economy, its impact on modern socio-economic processes is assessed.

 The directions of the influence of technological changes on the behavior of customers and emerging demand are investigated. The article discusses the relevance of using social media to promote goods and services in the Internet environment.

Consumer behaviour in the digital age, digital marketing strategies, digital business models such as mobile applications or the sharing economy have been studied. The concept of digital strategies is revealed: content marketing, user experience, influencers marketing, user-generated content, digital word of mouth.

That the possibilities of the modern digital economy form a new type of consumers integrated into various communities and having no informational barriers was proved.

It should be noted that more and more often the choice of goods or services is helped by modern people to make their devices, providing the ability to navigate through the endless Internet space. It was revealed that the main segment of consumers in the digital environment is the representatives of the younger generation – millennials, who are inextricably linked with personal smartphones that help them search for goods. 

Keywords: consumer behaviour, digital economy, digital technologies, strategies.



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