Yu. Kormyshkin, V. Umanska. Effective tools for personnel management in local governments

UDC 352.08


Yu.  Kormyshkin

VV Umanska

Mykolaiv National Agrarian University


Management is the basis for the effective functioning of any organization, including local governments. Achieving high results of local government is impossible without the introduction of innovative approaches to personnel management processes.

The literature emphasizes the key role that the workforce plays in the activities of companies. However, although this topic has been widely studied in the private sector, little research has focused on public administration, especially in local governments. To fill this gap, this study addresses a number of theoretical plan issues and practical recommendations for effective human resource management tools in local governments.

The main task of HR-managers is to build a personnel management system, which allows the greatest implementation of creative initiatives of employees at all levels of the hierarchy. The first stage in the HR cycle is search and recruitment. An important stage of recruitment is the search for candidates. In order to expand the possibility of attracting more qualified staff and promote the vacancy, it is necessary to pay attention to additional vacancies.

It was investigated that newly appointed employees, as a rule, lack practical experience in local governments, which leads to a decrease in productivity and quality of performance of tasks set by the community. We believe that it is possible to solve this problem by carrying out high-quality and systematic adaptation of employees. The most popular form of adaptation of employees today is the method of mentoring. The modern use of this method is the use of badding.

One of the most important tasks of improving personnel management is to ensure staff development. We believe that it is appropriate to increase the professional qualification level of employees by forming systems of continuous corporate training. Among modern methods of staff development of local governments we have singled out – E-learning. The use of E-learning is possible with the help of an educational platform – Knowledge Management. Thus, the proposed tools allow local governments to increase the efficiency of human resource management, which will contribute to the economic growth of the local community as a whole.

Key words: personnel, personnel management, local self-government bodies, territorial communities



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