Y. Ratushna. Marketing studies of grain market conjuncture (the niche crops)

UDC 65868/456;34


Y. Ratushna


Vinnytsia Trade and Economic Institute of KNTEU


Results of modern marketing studies of grain market conjuncture, in particular niche crops in Ukraine, have been analyzed in the article. It has been found that grain market has undeniable advantages over other forms of organizing economic relationships. It has been resumed that the niche crops are the crops, which are not typical for the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine and therefore little grown. Among such crops are often those that are in great demand at the markets of other countries and at the same time are expensive. Due to this fact, if you show sufficient mastery in organization of business, the production of niche crops will be characterized by increased profitability. The prospects of growing niche crops have been described and the existing situation at grain market and the grain crops conjuncture have been outlined. It has been emphasized that nowadays in Ukraine soybeans and rape are gradually entering the category of niche crops, which, due to higher margins in comparison with traditional sunflower and corn, today produce not only small farmers, but also huge agricultural companies. The same fact can be noted on peas and lentils – their crops increase every year. Whereas the area under mustard, on the contrary, is reduced. The sorghum niche spreads so fast that experts predict increasing in the medium term prospects of its crops from the current 40 thousand hectares to 1.5 million hectares, and in especially arid regions of Ukraine, sorghum may well replace corn.

It has been resumed that many factors for Ukraine’s development and entry into the legume market, the main are: a huge distribution market, promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the world, transition of most from eating meat to soy products, increasing the number of population in Muslim countries, where most people cannot allow buying such expensive product as meat, and completely replace it with soybean products, as well as what is important in the agricultural business, the ability of legumes to revive soil fertility. It has been defined that Ukraine, traditionally, is one of the leading exporters in the sunflower market it is related, first of all, to appropriate climate and soil. The largest number of sunflower seeds was sent to Turkey and Italy. 41% of the whole Ukrainian export of sunflower seeds came in Turkey, so 17% in Italy. A small share of exports of oilseeds were flax and peanut seeds, 0.14 and 0.02 thousand tons, in accordance. Totally 12.9 thousand tons of flax seeds were exported from Ukraine, the largest to Bangladesh and Poland, 1.6 and 1.4 thousand tons, in accordance. The segmentation of crop market operators in relation to the production of niche crops has been analyzed.

Key words: grain, niche crops, conjuncture, market, marketing, price, distribution, distribution prospects, infrastructure.



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