strategic imperatives of the national fishery development

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UDC 33:626.88:699.3: (477)

strategic imperatives of the national fishery development

І. Kishcak, Doctor of Economics, professor
Н.Korneva, Candidate of Economics, Associate professor
Mykolayiv National University by B.O. Sukhomlynsky
О.Novikov, Doctor of Economics, Associate professor
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

The components of restoration and protection structures of living aquatic resources are investigated. The process of inland waters’ restoration for the national fish production is researched. The condition of state support of the industry is studied. The strategic imperatives of the Ukrainian fishery complex’s development are defined.

Keywords: fishery complex, imperative, diversification, state support, strategy.

І. Kishcak, Н.Korneva, О.Novikov. strategic imperatives of the national fishery development

Statement of the problem. The fact of strategic importance of national fishery in the system of Ukrainian economy is indisputable, especially in the processes of the food security formation and strengthening of its position in international terms. In this context it is important to recover the water biological resources, to protect them, make all possible for their rational use and to ensure effective control over the conduct of industrial fishing and fisheries regulation. These issues and related with them organizational, economic, technical and technological aspects of the fishery complex’s further development (FC) in terms of its role and importance in the social field and in the sphere of the national economy is a priority for the state, and their relevance is beyond any doubt.

A number of issues which are related to the factors of fisheries and fish farming areas’ development, economic efficiency and technological solutions in the industry, the situation of the resource base, management fundamentals, logistics, production forms of fishing dedication  were researched by our domestic and foreign authors among whom there are B. Akimov, A. Andryushchenko, R. Baltadzhi, A. Volkov, M. Hrynzhevsky, V. Hrusevich, O. Didenko, I. Zaharchenko, V. Ivchenko, S. Koziy, S. Ozinkovsky, Y. Pylypenko, K. Ryzhov, V. Sabodazh, N. Sysoev, A. O. Skorohodov, I. Soloviev, M. Stasyshen, I. Sherman, M. Bremigan, D. Chen, B. Kazimov, J. Liu, R. Quiros, M. Zalewski  and others.

Taking into account the results of fundamental research of the problems, modern realities require further studying and solving of scientific issues which are connected with the fishery development in order to increase its cost- effectiveness with the help of investment, innovative and environmental components, the state’s role, organizational and management adjustment and determination of the basis of the strategic imperatives of sustainable operation.

The aim of the research is to identify strategic imperatives of the national fishery.

The main material. Improving the efficiency of any industry is impossible without identifying strategic imperatives and tactical components for the practical implementation of categorical requirements (imperatives) of long-term development of any economic sphere. Imperative (Lat. imperativus – powerful) consists of requirements, rules that express authority, i.e. to act as it is necessary [3]. Imperative is an unconditional, categorical requirement; command, order [4]. According to the aim of the research, the strategy is considered as the art of management (leadership) of fishery complex, which should determine the main direction of economic agents’ acts in this area.

Fishery is essential to a balanced diet of the population, as fish food is a source of protein and animal fat. The annual intake of fish products, according to the Institute of Nutrition, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, is about 20 kg per capita, of which 5.6 kg of fish freshwater reservoirs. However, in recent years, the fishery industry of the country for a number of objective and subjective reasons, shows a decline in catches and fish breeding and production of high-protein fish products (fish consumption per capita in the country in recent years does not exceed 30% the physiological norm).

In the current period more than 70% of the food basket of the Ukrainian population is imported fishery products. Along with this during last few years in the country had been disappeared about 20 thousand of water objects, 70 fish species were listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. The main reason of this situation is imperfect of the legislative and regulatory framework of the industry, particularly in the protection and restoration of fish stocks, ignoring of the environmental situation in the reservoirs and their functional use.

This current situation requires some fundamental changes. This means the diversification (Lat. diversus – «different» and facere – “do”) of fishery production [3]. In our opinion, the diversification of the industry should provide diversification and changes in fishery products enterprises, development of new production in order to improve its efficiency and economic benefits. The above mentioned can be  achieved through the sustainable use of state inland waters.

Conclusions. Fishery complex of Ukraine remains an important sector of the food industry of the state, which occupies an important niche in the overall system of food security and the formation of the animal protein market. The main objective of fisheries activities are fishing and seafood, receipt of them by special handling food, pharmaceutical sphere, feed and technical products.

Current status of fisheries requires a change of stereotypes of business interaction, public and state institutions of economic complex by enforcing strategic imperatives among which there are balanced economic, social , legislative and ecological decisions as for the further development; state support of progressive technologies and their implementation into the industrial powers; synergy of science and practice; ecological imperative which is directed at the renovation of inland waters for use.

Prospective fishery complex regulation should be based on historical experience and be ensured by economic, legal, organizational measures and social and psychological institutions, taking into account the peculiarities of fish farming with their slow dynamics of adaptation to market requirements and needs of scientific research and development.


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