Forming of the marketing system on grain production enterprises

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UNC 681.5.0171

K. Kuhta. Forming of the marketing system on grain production enterprises.

The article discusses some problems of development marketing in the sphere of the grain subcomplex, conditioning steps introduction ofmarketing management, to research a grain market and to carry out classification subject of grain market.

Modern market demands is searching new forms and methods of the manufacture and selling the products. Leaders and agriculture experts, industrial enterprises of grain processing sub-complex of agriculture complex must implement agrimarketing and accept it as a base of formation of relationship among the subjects of manage to become an active member of the market, to feel confident in the marketing environment.

Taking into consideration the urgency of the problem, the aim of the scientific article is the study of the role of marketing in the rise of effectiveness of enterprises of grain-producing sub-complex. The effectiveness of enterprise activity of processing branch of agro-industrial complex(AIC) depends on many factors. Important ones are methods of organization of manufacture and sale of goods, particular market conditions, strategy of manufacture, etc. Implementing marketing in their activity takes an important place among the mechanisms of raising the effectiveness and its competition.

To our mind, on institutional approach, the nuclear of the marketing system in grain-producing sub-complex of AIC is formed by main subjects of marketing activity: grain producers, enterprises on conservation, initial and secondary processing of grain. (the classification of subjects of grain market is hold in the article).

It was studied the problems of development of marketing in grain-producing complex, measures of implementing of marketing management; it was studied the market of grain; and it was hold the classification of subject of grain market.

It was hold the studying of marketing activity of grain-producing sub-complex and it was developed the offers on formation the system of marketing in the studying of it. The diversity of opinions and statements (explanations) on agrimarketing witnesses on its importance and objective necessity in modern agro-industry is given.

Dialectical transformations of economics of Ukraine, its market transformation, caused great changes in all branches of social manufacturing including the village. That is why it is very important to create proper conditions for civilized development of national grain market and products of its processing.

Paying attention to the achievements of science and world experience we can say that the most effective way of improving must be marketing.

The common meaning of “marketing” is an ability to make an offer in a place and at the moment of its possible accepting. Marketing differs from other business methods because it takes into consideration the customers’ point of view and meets their demands. F.Kotler offers the following definition: marketing is “a social and managing process aimed at satisfying the wants and needs of individuals and groups by proposing and exchanging goods”. The key notions of the given definition are wants, needs, and demand; product; costs and satisfying; exchange; transactions; interrelation. M.Barrett offers to accept marketing just as a process, “the main task of which is managing the choice. Social Institute of Marketing of Great Britain defines marketing as “a process of managing aimed at setting, forecasting and meeting the demands of a customer and getting some profit”.