Necessity of Agritourism Development in Mykolaiv Region

Number, year

4(81), 2014
UNC 338.48-44(1-22)(477.74)

I. Honcharenko
K. Konovalenko
J. Sokrovishchuk

The article presents the modern conception of the agrarian tourism as the type of business activity and essential factor of the long-term development of rural areas.

The article describes the significant development and popularity of agritourism in European and other countries of the world as the most attractive type of spending vacation in the modern world.

Also it examines the successful implementation of international experience within the territory of Mykolayiv Region as well. The motivation of the agricultural tourism development in the region has been studied thoroughly, namely:

– environmental degradation and worsening of the psychological situation in the urban areas;

– revival of the interest to the elements of traditional folk culture;

– desire to feel yourself as a common village citizen and to have a rest in the environmentally friendly areas;

– search for the new sources of financial situation improvement of rural residents;

– growing interest to visiting the rural backwoods;

– search for the new spheres and objects of investment;

– tightening competition in the traditional spheres of investment in the rural areas.

High resource potential of Mykolayiv Region can give an impulse to the development of agricultural tourism, the main tasks of which are: revival of the agriculture; the termination of migration flow from the rural to urban areas; development of competition in the travel services market based on the qualitative agritourism in its various forms; preservation and revival of cultural heritage and natural monuments in rural areas; rural infrastructure development on the tourist objects and adjoining territories; improvement of the environmental education of the population and the preservation of the environment; development and improvement of the transportation network, building the hotels in rural areas and etc., to develop a promotion system for a new tourism product at the market.

Despite some difficulties of agricultural tourism formation in Mykolayiv Region, namely a lack of investment volume into the rural infrastructure by the public authorities, a limited popularization of the rural tourism, low level of economic awareness and businessmen’s awareness in questions of tourism business activities, social and economic importance of agrarian tourism in Mykolayiv Region is really remarkable and positive and will make our region more attractive in the sphere of agricultural tourism.

I. Honcharenko, K. Konovalenko, J. Sokrovishchuk. Necessity of Agritourism Development in Mykolaiv Region.


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