Finding effective ways to adapt animals in their introduction under global warming

4(81), 2014
UNC 636.083.312:551.588.7

M. Tishchenko

Global warming, which began in the 70s of the last century, in the near future undoubtedly will affect all sectors of the economy and especially in the livestock industry. Bbecause the relevance of this issue over the years, probably will increase [1].

Experts of UN said that the main reason for the current state of climate is the greenhouse effect, which causes warming, due to high carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) [1].

To study the reaction of various animals to effect global warming is topical and necessary in the selection and breeding of domestic animals and the introduction of animals that are genetically able to counter hot climate (tapir, warthog, antelope Cana, zebra etc.). These animals (if compared them with existing, endemic forms) are characterized as morphological and morpho-physiological and anatomical characteristics and properties that regulate temperature in high temperatures to allow for their adaptation to the environment [2, 3].

For a more comfortable welfare for their development and performance author have created a ventilation system for livestock [4].

This system is extremely effective control of microclimate in livestock buildings with minimal power consumption.

This system will improve all metabolic process, ontogenesis and increase adaptation process under negative factors of high temperature. This system ensure following results: predict reduction of air moisture on 30-50 %; heating of air inside fill optimal temperature for animals; absent of draft; reduction consumption of electricity fill 20-30; increasing of living levels and animal productivity on the average 18-20 %.

global warming, temperature, introduction, adaptation animals.

M. Tishchenko. Finding effective ways to adapt animals in their introduction under global warming.


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