Еconomic potential of rural areas: theoretical aspects

UNC 332.1:338.439(477)

O.Novikov, Doctor of Economic sciences, Professor
A.Klyuchnyk, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

Summing up the scientific opinions on the essence of the researched term, we believe that economic potential is a combination of natural conditions and resources, opportunities, reserves, values ​​and competencies which can be used to achieve certain goals. In the borders of research it was established that fact in the scientific literature the concept of economic potential of rural areas has been considered. We believe that this concept can be seen in three aspects. At first, it is the resources that characterize the area, in order to meet social needs of people; At second, it is the ability of certain rural areas (as a system) to ensure its continuous operation, or the ability of business entities (taking into account climatic and cultural features, using available resources and opportunities in rural areas) to ensure long-term operation and achieve strategic goals. Thirdly, it is the possibility of expanding economic activity in the area and improving its accomplishment by using existing (or involving) recourses. We proposed the model of the structure and relationship of rural areas’ economic potential and their components

Keywords: economic potential, rural areas, the economic potential of rural areas, components of rural areas’ economic potential.

O. Novikov, A. Klyuchnyk. Еconomic potential of rural areas: theoretical aspects

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О. Е. Новиков, А. В. Ключник. Экономический потенциал сельских территорий: теоретический аспект
В статье исследовано определение понятия«экономический потенциал сельских территорий». Представлена разработанная авторами модель структуры и взаимосвязи составляющих экономического потенциала сельских территорий, представляющего собой совокупный потенциал ресурсов и усилий, эффективное использование которых обеспечивает достижение стратегических целей развития сельских территорий.

O. Novikov, A. Klyuchnyk. Еconomic potential of rural areas: theoretical aspects
In the article the definition of “the economic potential of rural areas” is given. The structure and related model components of the rural areas’ economic potential are developed by the authors The model includes total capacity of resources and efforts, effective use of which can help to achieve the strategic aims of rural areas’ development.