The results and prospects of work of «The Zhivprom» corporation

2(84), vol. 2 2015
UNC 636.4.082

S. Gnatyuk.

Increasing the efficiency of enterprises for the production of pork is one of the important tasks of development of agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine. Therefore, further development and functioning of enterprises for the production of pork requires a complex of measures aimed at improving its effectiveness.  The main task of “Tvarinprom” – to protect the interests of producers of pork, contribute propagation in pig production of advanced technologies, effective methods of breeding and reproduction of pigs, analyze the work of the industry according to the forms established statistical reporting and taking a number of organizational measures to improve the efficiency of management by conducting meetings, meetings of managers and specialists, seminars, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, consultation, monitoring, etc.. The aim of the research was to present the results of the farms pork production, which are included in the Ukrainian corporation for meat production on an industrial basis ” Tvarinprom”. It is noted that the past year for most businesses the corporation was very difficult, but productive. Work continued on the reconstruction of farms and complexes, more effective use of production capacity, the technology was improved for keeping and feeding pigs, rationally feeding, breeding stock, improved work on the reproduction of livestock, prevention of animal diseases. The farms of the corporation for many years taken a deserved place in pork production. Their share in the total agricultural enterprises if significant. For the number of corporation livestock farms occupy 23,1%, produced pork in live weight – 26.4%, ale of pigs for slaughter meat processing enterprises – 27.6% of all agricultural enterprises Ukraine. All activities of the company “Tvarinprom” pointing to the increase in the number of pigs and pork production volumes.


S. Gnatyuk. The results and prospects of work of «The Zhivprom» corporation

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С. А. Гнатюк. Результаты и перспективы работы хозяйств корпорации «Живпром».
В статье проанализирована работа предприятий отрасли свиноводства за последние годы, а также освещены проблемные вопросы относительно дальнейшего наращивания объемов производства свинины на промышленной основе в условиях Украинской корпорации по производству мяса на промышленной основе «Живпром».

S. Gnatyuk. The results and prospects of work of «The Zhivprom» corporation
The article analyzes the work of the enterprises of the pig industry in recent years, as well as highlight the problematic issues concerning further increase the volume of pork production on an industrial basis in «The Zhivprom» Ukrainian corporation of meat production.