Educational scientific production pig complex of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University in the system of innovative development of agrarian and industrial complex.

Number, year
2(84), Vol. 2 2015
UNC 001.895:378.147:636.4:631.2

V. Shebanin
A. Novikov
V. Topіha
V. Lihach

Modern state of the economy requires the creation of a new system of innovative development of the agricultural sector “agricultural education-agricultural science-agricultural production” and deepening cooperation between the central and local executive authorities in addressing issues of functioning and development of agricultural education and science. Today there is the problem of training of highly-qualified workers and specialists with higher education and the implementation of domestic scientific development in agriculture. The functioning of the agrarian education and science does not fully conform to the social and economic needs of society, the level of development of production and food security.

One way to solve this problem, in terms of a one higher education institution, is the creation of “Educational-scientific-production pig complex of Mykolayiv national agrarian University” located on the territory of the Komsomolska village council of Mykolayiv region.

The purpose of the article – present the structure of pig complex and reasonable usefulness of its organization and construction for implementing the concept of “agricultural education-agricultural science-agricultural production”.

The aim of the project is the creation of the center of pig production based on the latest national and international developments in the technology of reference of the pig industry, able to ensure the implementation of the three components: training (to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of students, the acquisition of practical skills of performing the various processes and operations, training of technology experts of production of livestock products, providing advisory services); scientific (base for research in the fields of breeding and selection of animals, the technology of production of animal production, genetics, testing the latest technologies and development of recommendations for the production); production (providing the population of the Mykolayiv region and other regions with high quality and environmentally friendly pork of own production; production of high-quality breeding resources for farms of the region and country).

The presented project will be implemented through the use of modern specialized breeds and types of pigs meat productivity in the background of balanced feeding rations of own production. Full mechanization and automation of production processes will allow to minimize the impact of human factors on the result of production and to optimize the structure of production costs.

Given the need for highly qualified personnel in special animal science and production technology and processing of livestock products in the southern region of Ukraine, and the lack of similar educational-scientific-industrial pig farms, it’s time to organize complex on the basis of the Mykolayiv NAU for the draft, which will give the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of training specialist-farmers in the framework of the innovative development of the agricultural sector.

V. Shebanin, A. Novikov, V. Topіha, V. Lihach. Educational scientific production pig complex of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University in the system of innovative development of agrarian and industrial complex.

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