Trace metals in vineyards environment, vine varieties and ecological safety of wine.

UDC 504.064.36

O. Maksimishina, L. Zaichenko, Y. Vystavna, O. Drozd

The paper is focused on anthropogenic and environmental factors affecting the ecological safety of grape growing and wine production. The special attention was given to the transfer and translocation of trace metals (Zn, Cd, Ni, Co, Fe, Mn, Pb, Cu and Cr) in Chardonnay grape varieties of Vitis vinifera L. Knowledge on uptake of trace elements by different varieties is necessary for prediction grape and wine – product contamination and understanding of cultivars tolerance to the changing environment. Our study was focused on uptake patterns determination of so-called essential (Mn, Fe, Cu and Zn) and non-essential (Cd, Co, Cr, Ni and Pb) elements by Chardonnay growing in certain environmental conditions. Samples of irrigation water, soil, fine and coarse roots, leaves and canes were taken from the Inkerman vineyard, South Crimea in May 2013 and berries were picked in August 2013. The soil enrichment factor, soil – root transfer coefficient, root – aerial parts (leaves, canes) translocation coefficients and bio-concentration factors were calculated in order to identify the patterns of elements uptake by Chardonnay. Results revealed the soil Pb – enrichment of the vineyard due to the use of contaminated irrigation water. Trace elements transferred from soil to roots had less significant variation in Chardonnay than essential elements. Translocation patterns were more significantly varied between trace elements and plants parts. Pb had higher variability in transfer and translocation patterns in vine than other elements. Bio-concentration factors were ranged with the highest value for Zn and Fe. Main sources of trace metals in vine (i.e. air pollution, soil contamination, vineyard treatment practices) and wine products throughout their life cycle have been determined in the article.

Keywords: ecological safety, trace metals, migration, wine products, Chardonnay, life cycle.

O. Maksimishina, L. Zaichenko, Y. Vystavna, O. Drozd. Trace metals in vineyards environment, vine varieties and ecological safety of wine.


Л. В. Максимишина, Л. В. Заіченко, Ю. Ю. Виставна, О. М. Дрозд. Важкі метали у екосистемі виноградників, винограді та екологічна безпека винної продукції.

Досліджено фактори, які впливають на екологічну безпеку вирощування та розвитку виноградної рослини та виробництва винної продукції. Представлено результати аналізу транслокації та накопичення металів у ґрунті винограднику, коренях, листі, лозі та ягодах винограду. Встановлено основні джерела надходження металів у агроекосистему винограднику та винограду, а також у винну продукцію протягом її життєвого циклу.

Л.В. Максимишина, Л.В. Заиченко, Ю.Ю. Выставная, Е.Н. Дрозд. Тяжелые металлы в экосистеме виноградника, винограде и экологическая безопасность винной продукции.

Исследованы факторы, влияющие на экологическую безопасность выращивания винограда и производства винной продукции, представлены результаты анализа миграции и накопления металлов в почве виноградника, корнях, листьях, лозе и ягодах винограда. Установлены основные источники поступления металлов в агроэкосистему виноградника и виноград, а также в винную продукцию на протяжении ее жизненного цикла.