The action of 6-benzylaminopurine on the formation and functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus of tomatoes

UDC 631.8:635.64

O. Buinyi,
V. Kuryata,
V. Rogach.

We have investigated that by means of preparations the thickness of leaf has decreased due to reducing the thickness of the upper and lower epidermis and herewith there have not found significant differences in the thickness of chlorenchyma. The positive influence of preparation has appeared in the increasing of volume of the main photosynthetic tissue – parenchyma on 32% comparing with control. The growth of the amount of stomas on the abaxial surface of leaf on 15% has occurred by means of preparations that is very important for the optimization of gas exchange. We have investigated that the use of 6-BAP has led to the increasing of the amount and the area of leaf surface of the plants during the period of formation of fruit. The received results also suggests that using of 6-BAP has slowed the dying of leaves and as a result of it their amount in research variant at the end of the vegetation were bigger than in the control on 15%.
About the bigger power of photosynthetic apparatus by means of 6-BAP suggests the bigger mass of dry substance of leaves in the research variant comparing with control.
The results of our investigation suggests that by means of 6-BAP the leaf index has increased in the phase of fruiting. Under the influence of synthetic analogue of cytokines the content of chlorophyll in the leaves of Bobcat tomatoes increased to 0,87±0,04% against to 0,59±0,03% in control. Since, simultaneously with growth of the content of chlorophyll in the leaves, the leaf index of crops has increased and the chlorophyll index has raised.
We have also explored that by means of preparations a net productivity of photosynthesis has increased during the all period of the research.
The increasing of the leaf surface and the mass of leaves and the increased content of chlorophyll under the influence of 6-benzylaminopurine has formed more powerful photosynthetic apparatus. The growth of yielding capacity of culture tomatoes on 18% was the result of such changes of photosynthetic apparatus.

Keywords: tomatoes, 6-benzylaminopurine, chlorenchyma, the area of leaves, chlorophyll, yielding capacity.

The action of 6-benzylaminopurine on the formation and functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus of tomatoes.