Strategie of directions implementation of the regional potential

UDC 332.122:379.84

I. Нoncharenko 

In this article are reviewed the basic components of recreational potential of Mykolayiv region,also the author pays  attention  to climate, water resources, natural areas conservation, agrarian tourism facilities.
Ascertained that Mykolaiv region has not notable recreational orientation. Tourist flows, which are registered by the Department of Statistics of the Mykolaiv region, are directed mainly in the foreign countries. A steady downward trend in the number of foreign and domestic tourists, who are serviced by the subjects of the recreational sphere of the region, has formed since 2005. This fact indicates an insufficient use of recreational potential opportunities, which the region has nowadays; moreover the potential of the region can satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign tourists in rest and recovery. The development of tourism in the region is uneven today. It is concentrated mainly in coastal areas and urban areas. The recreational potential of the small villages requires to be implemented.  Factors which have negative impact on it use were discovered.
During the evaluation of the environmental aspects of tourism development within rural areas of Mykolayiv region, we should note that such factors as water pollution; lack of drinking water in rural areas; reducing the area of forest plantations  and planting shelterbelts; flooding of the South-east region; strengthening of the water and wind erosion, have a restrictive effect on it.
This requires appropriate measures of greening activities.
The author emphasized that tourism should take into account criteria of compatibility with nature, with people’s health and also social, economic and technological compatibility.
Among the strategic directions of the recreational potential of the region was highlighted the creation of regional networks based on the agritourism farms or small forms of farming (rural hotel, fishing and hunting lodges); the recovery of the  socio-cultural environment and historical settlements ( national historic villages, monasteries), creation of agro-tourist complex, which includes production, processing, consumption of food in rural areas; the development of socio-cultural environment and agritourism. Also the author proposed to begin  the formation of the regional brands.
The attention is paid to the need of intensification of the activity and increasing the interest to the issue of the realization of the recreational potential of the region,  of the  key investors, ​​including business organizations, local communities, government.

Keywords: recreational potential, rural areas, agro-tourism, tourists.

Strategie of directions implementation of the regional potential

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