The state policy of development of labor potential of rural territories

UDC 330.331

N. Shishpanova, а graduate student
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

The transition to the information economy, the intensification of scientific and technological progress dictated the demands regarding directions of development and use of labour potential of the country. The employment potential is an important and valuable resource of the individual, enterprise, region, state, the level of development of which greatly depends on national competitiveness and country’s place in the global economic space. Thus, realization of effective state policy as for the development and use of labour potential is especially important.
The purpose of this article is to study the influence of the regulatory state on the development of labor potential of rural territories and to identify possible ways to improve the situation in Nikolaev area.
According to the title of  the article, it describes the modern tendencies of legal regulation of labor potential, which covers a broad range of legal documents that have a direct or indirect influence on its formation and effective use. It is determined that the problematic aspects of state regulation of the labor potential in Ukraine is the declarative nature of provisions of a number of documents, irregular adoption at the state level employment programmes and action plans for their implementation, determination of the main directions of state employment policy.
It is noted that an important step in state regulation of development of rural territories of Ukraine is to elaborate a Strategy of the agriculture in 2015-2020. To achieve the effectiveness of the overall development strategy and use of labor potential is possible through development the program of labor potential of each region, taking into account the peculiarities of their social and economic factors. To this end, the author had grounded the basic directions of development and use of labour potential in accordance with the modern needs of economic and social development of rural territories of Nikolaev area.
In the article the author, on the basis of the research, gave some recommendations on the improvement of demographic characteristics of the labor potential of rural territories and priority directions of state policy on ensuring conditions for increase of incomes of the population.

Key words: state policy, labor potential, rural territories

The state policy on rural areas’ and labor potential development

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