Influence ecological safe preparations and fertilizers on the content of the main nutrients in the grain of spring triticale

UDC 631.95:631:87:633.19

Lviv National Agrarian University

During the evolutionary process environment and plants are in direct contact, adapting to each other and form a stable ecosystem. Human activity has been deformating elements of the ecosystem and making worth the conditions of their existence. The inclusion of ecological elements to the traditional agricultural actions of growing crops will make it possible not only to predict the possible impact these actions on the components of nature, but also will have a positive impact on the regeme of plants nutrition, will increase their crop capacity and will change the content of basic elements in them.
The studies results of the influence of the microbiological preparation Azoter and humic fertilizer on the nutrient content in grain of spring triticale varieties Oberig Kharkiv and Losynivske.
The content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the plant not only the influence on its photosynthetic activity, but their further content of the original products, namely corn.
An important aspect of grain production complex is the using of agricultural actions which not only minimize but under optimal conditions excluding the impact of agrochemicals on the environment. Those are the very measures which are the usage of microbiological preparations and humic fertilizer not only for the optimization of the biological activity of the soil, but also improve the quality and chemical compositions of the crop.
The results showed that the investigated varieties equally react to the action of microbial preparation Azoter and humic fertilizer. The results of the analysis of spring triticale grain have indicated the increasing of the nutrients, especially of nitrogen, under the conditions of using the researched amount of fertilizers. Both verieties have showed the identical tendency of the amount changes dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium under the influence of fertilizers and microbiological preparation Azoter. The highest results are fixed in the variants with microbiological preparations (increase over 2,25-2,35%). Probably this is due to feature the components of the preparation to fix and to restore atmospheric nitrogen.
The usage of mineral fertilizers hasn’t showed the results of the increasing of such elements as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in spring triticale grain, which indicates the inexpediency of their application. The results indicate the expediency of exclusion of mineral fertilization of spring triticale that reduces the human influence on farmland of Western Woodlands of Ukraine.

Key words: spring triticale, fertilizer, agroenvironmental measures, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, grain.

Influence ecological safe preparations and fertilizers on the content of the main nutrients in the grain of spring triticale.

Зміст випуску 1 (88), 2016