Frequency estimation of the outer surface of milking and dairy equipment

UDC 631.3.636

A. Paliy

Production of dairy, driving in heavy industry, requires knowledge of the different technologies’ features. The acquisition of these issues is associated with the discovery and studies the factors that significantly affect the process of obtaining high quality and energy efficient development of innovative technologies that provide specific organizational form of production of high quality milk. Sanitary quality of produced milk occupies a leading position in the management of dairy farms to improve the health of cows, their productivity and product’s grade.
To determine the quality of cleaning the outside of milking and dairy systems in DPDH “Kutuzivka” Institute of Animal Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine Kharkiv region using the Herringbone milking machine the device and method that provide information about getting clean by receiving swabs from surfaces of equipment and subsequent scoring purity: I – perfectly well, II – well; III – good; IV – passably; V – unsatisfactory were developed.
Analysis of contamination filters through which passed wipes the surface of different parts milking systems, illustrates that with increasing contamination of certain areas on a 5-point scale is an increase in mechanical pollution washings.
Thus, according to the purity of surface equipment in I ball contamination on the area of the filter element missing. Plot surface, measured in II ball has mechanical impurities on the filter for 5 – 10% of the area; the assessment in the III ball – to 11 – 30 % of the area; IV ball – 31 – 50 %, and the V ball – more than 50 % of the area.
Point scale is an ordered set of numbers and quality characteristics that are brought into line with the estimated object under a certain sign. Ball scale is used for quantitative assessment, which expresses the quality of the signs, that purity (contamination). The scale range is characterized ball which refers to the number of quality levels included in the scale.

Key words: milking equipment, method, apparatus, pollution, filter element, flush, ball.

Frequency estimation of the outer surface of milking and dairy equipment.

Issue 1(88). 2016