Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016


3. P. Antonenko, N. Suslova, N. Makeieiva, D. Golovan, L. Kremenchuk, Т. Pushkar.  Prophylactic efficacy of mineral and drug «Supokorm»and feed phytoadditives «Fitopunk» for metabolic disorders sows.
11. S. Aranchiy, G. Zon, О. Kinash. The epizootic situation regarding to visceral mycosis of animals in Сentral region of Ukraine.
18. І. Balabanova. Development of technology of elite hard cheese of «Kalanchackiy».
26. V. Bilkevych.Feeding different doses of NuPro feed additive and its impact on productivity of broiler chickens.
35. V. Bomko, V. Danylenko, M. Povoznikov. Indicators of reproductive capacity of highly productive cows at different levels of zinc in the diets.
43. O. Bordunova, O. Astrakhantseva, R. Denysov, O. Lupinova, V. Chivanov. Changes at composition of bioceramic protective layers using of technology artificial cuticle(ARTICLE)”.
53. U. Vecherya. Influence of mass of eggs of hens of meat direction the productivity on their morphological and incubation qualities.
60. T. Garkavenko, I. Azyrkina. Determination of the residual amounts of antibiotics of the tetracycline group in poultry products microbiological methods. 
69. V. Gnoyevyy, I. Gnoyevyy, O. Trishin, G. Коtеts. Methods of estimationof biological full value are protein of forage and stock-raising products.
76. Yu. Kiriyak, I. Gorbatenko. Global warming in the South region of Ukraine and it’s impact on the eukaryotes.
85. N. Grudko, I. Sherman. Influence of ongrowing duration on the fishery markers and biochemical composition of paddlefish hatchlings.
93. M. Dolgaya, S. Bohorodenko, Y. Yaromenko, I. Polеvaya.Quality and safety of cow milk for the use of trace elementsand vitamins E.
102. I. Izmailovich. The “Toksisorb” reduces the pathogenicity of mycotoxins.
109. I. Kalinina. Changes in the concentrations of fatty acids of bee’s pollen during polliniferous season.
121. H. Kalinichenko, O. Koval.Influence of genotypic factors on qualitative indicators of wool and meat sheep production.
129. V. Kyrychenko, E. Barkar, A. Kyrychenko. An objective assessment of genotype rams on the quality of offspring.
137. A. Kitaeva, K. Khamid, Z. Semenova. Medicinal properties of honey from different regions of Ukraine.
144. E. Klausen. Danish features of food safety.
155. O. Kovpak. Cytogenetic analysis of myocardial progenitor cells of rats at early passages. 
164. V. Kovpak, Yu. Kharkevich. Immune status of diabetic rats treated with replacement cell therapy.
173. V. Kondakova, D. Gotovs’kiy, I. Fomchenko. The use of herbal adaptogen to enhance the protective properties of the organism of animals.
182. V. Kotelevych. Rabbit meat as the main organic production reserve.
191. A. Pogorelova, A. Kotsiybenko. Morphological and biochemical evaluation rabbits depending on the age of slaughter.
199. I. Lastovska, M. Lutsenko. Productivity of Different Breed Bulls in the Conditions of Innovation Technology of Beef Production.
205. L. Patryeva, I. Maximovа. Analysis of safety indicators of milk in the agricultural enterprise. 

Editorial Board Issue 2 (89), 2016