Prophylactic efficiency of mineral and drug Supokorm and feed phytoadditives Fitopunk for metabolic disorders of sows

UDC 619:615.32:619:616-084.636.4.

P. Antonenko,
N. Suslova,
N. Makeieiva,
D. Golovan,
L. Kremenchuk,
Т. Pushkar

The article presents the results of influence of mineral and drug Supokorrn feed phytoadditives Fitopunk on the prevention of metabolic process of gestating sows. At the end of gestation of the sows there were recorded significant violations of metabolism and reduced resistance of the organism. This had provoked subclinical ketosis, anemia, osteodystrophy, palmerosa and other disabilities that can affect the development of the fruit and the quality of offspring. When using these drugs the number of red blood cells had increased and there was found about 28,15%, white blood cells and hemoglobin 24,76% and 18,09% times compared to the control group sows. The decrease in total blood protein by nearly 10%, while the level of albumin had decreased by 5% reducing by 37,34% times urea in blood plasma of sows. It can explain the complex influence of the drug Sapokorm phytoadditives and the metabolism of protein and overall protein metabolism. Increase of total calcium 42,85% plasma gestation sows, increase of calcium-phosphorus ratio, which was 0,95:1,0 and increase of phagocytic activity indicators suggested effective provision of nonspecific host defense gestation sows. Indicators of phagocytic activity of blood neutrophils were higher in gestating sows of the experimental group 46,42% and phagocytic index of 30.11% as compared with the control, this indicates the effective provision of nonspecific protection of the organism gestating sows. The obtained data testified to positive influence of biogenic compounds of macro – and micronutrients, as lactato cobalt, copper and iron, which are part of the drug Supakorn and phytoadditives on the processes of hematopoiesis in the body of pregnant sows. Consequently, the use of Supokorm and phytoadditives Fitopunk had a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body gestating sows, which is confirmed by hematological and immunological study

Key words: sows, mineral preparation Supokorm, feed phytoadditives Fitopunk, morphological, biochemical, immunological study of blood.

Prophylactic efficacy of mineral and drug «Supokorm»and feed phytoadditives «Fitopunk» for metabolic disorders sows.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016