The “Toksisorb” reduces the pathogenicity of mycotoxins

UDC 619:616. 992. 282

I. Izmailovich

Mycotoxins are an invisible group of feed components of varying toxicity and the waste products of mold fungi. They inhibit the growth of young poultry, reduce egg production, causing an immunosuppressive condition, and as a result, give rise to disease – mycotoxicosis, which inevitably leads to economic losses in the poultry farms. But no less important and dangerous for the human factor is the fact that they are found in meat and eggs of poultry.
We studied the influence of the adsorbent of mycotoxins “Toksisorb” on the effectiveness of growing broiler chickens, namely on the physiological state of broilers, the safety of young, dynamic body weight, feed consumption per 1 kg of growth, biochemical composition of blood and metabolic state.
Studies have shown that the use of “Toksisorb” facilitated the intensification of growth of broiler chickens while reducing cost of feed per unit of live weight gain.
By the end of the experiment the difference in body weight between the control and experimental group was 96.7 g, which is higher than the control. At the same time the overall cost of feed to weight gain in the experimental group was higher than in the control, and the cost of feed to live weight gain per 1 kg was below increase in the experimental group, indicating that a higher ratio of nutrients feed the chickens of experimental group.
In the blood of chickens of experimental group compared to the control was observed a statistically significant difference in the content of red blood cells, which provided more substantial opportunities for the effective implementation physiological functions and more rapid growth of experienced livestock.
Given our findings and analysis of the scientific literature sources, one can conclude that in industrial applications of mycotoxin’s adsorbent “Toksisorb” contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes, thus providing increasing poultry production.

Key words: the adsorbent of mycotoxins “Toksisorb”, broilers, live weight, cost of feed.

The “Toksisorb” reduces the pathogenicity of mycotoxins.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016