Rabbit meat as the main organic production reserve.

UDC 636. 92:637. 5

V. Kotelevych


The organic production which includes rabbit meat that has a highly nutritional, ecologically pure diet facilitates the supply to the population with ecologically pure products. Nowadays the development of the specialized organic rabbit meat has particular economic advantages for the Ukrainian industry as compared to other branches of animal breeding. The carcasses of rabbits that were grown in farms are prosperous in infectious and parasitic diseases, pathological changes are absent;
Meat rabbits 4-month old specialized meat breeds are popular, almost equal organoleptically-tasting performance. The taste, aroma, juiciness, color (on 5-point scale) overall GPA in the spring-summer and autumn-winter periods was respectively: California ripening – 4. 7 – 4. 8 and 4. 6 – 4. 7 ; Belgian giant (flāneur) – 4. 8 – 5. 0 and 4. 7 – 4. 8 points. The rabbit meat comparative analysis of California and Flandria breeds shows that the live weight, output the slaughter of muscular tissues, carcasses muscularity depends on the breed and season. With the increase of muscle mass during intensive method of growing rabbits to 4 months of age increases bone mass . The productivity of rabbits in spring and summer period is higher compared to the autumn and winter months. Indicators show slaughter withdrawal of Belgian giant (spring – summer) is as close to the reference data precocious breeds of rabbits -nutritional category for which the slaughter withdrawal specialized meat breeds in 4-months of age can reach 50 to 56% The 4-month rabbits raised in spring and summer period gained the highest live and slaughter weight: Flander – 3375 ± 27. 0 g and Kalifornia – 2956. 5 ± 6. 74 g breeds correspondingly.

Key words: rabbit meat, organic production, ecologically pure and safe, live and slaughter weight.

Rabbit meat as the main organic production reserve.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016