The Influence of the mass of hens eggs for meat and the productivity of their morphological and incubation qualities.

UDC 637. 4-026. 53:636. 5. 082. 474

U. Vecherya


Data on morphological parameters of chickens eggs from a cross breed “Cobb-500” at 60 weeks of age, found that  increasing the mass hatching eggs incubation heralded high results. The output of chicken eggs high weight (71-82 g) is higher by 0,68% compared to the control group. This demonstrates the feasibility of incubation of eggs weighing 71-82 grams provided by a durable poultry breeder. The quality of hatching eggs from hens 60 weeks old is fairly high fertility – 83,64-85,00% hatchability – 89,00-93,20% output – 75,45-77,95% on standard rates for the cross 86,5, 86,6 and 79,5% respectively. Compared with the recommendations on cross fertility it is lower in -1,5-2,86% hatchability of eggs in groups at higher 2,4-6,6% output. For young a relatively lower standard at 1,55-2,23%. It is therefore advisable to use eggs of cross bred hen’s meat after 60 weeks , but to conduct special monitoring of the herd and poultry egg incubation regimes. Thus the use for incubation of eggs weighing 61-82 grams derived from chicken parent stock for long-term use, should be supported by normative documents on the incubation of eggs, including those with a weight exceeding 70 g.

Key words: incubation, hatching quality of eggs, fertility, hatchability of eggs output young.

Influence of mass of eggs of hens of meat direction the productivity on their morphological and incubation qualities.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016