State and potential of development of the organic pig breeding in Ukraine

UDC 631.1.016:636.4

І. Chernishov,
M. Levchenko,
І. Mazurkevich

Research of the organic pig production potential in Southern Ukraine compared to the example of a typical farm had been done. The possibility of introducing pig production to environmentally friendly products, there is the urgency for the need to implement and further calculate production parameters. Organic agriculture is a comprehensive production management system that promotes and enhances the health of agricultural ecosystems, including biodiversity, biological cycles and biological activity of the soil, which can be achieved by using as agronomic, biological and mechanical methods as opposed to the use of synthetic materials to perform specific functions within the system. Based on these assumptions the research conducted on current issues, as they provide an analysis of organic farming in Southern Ukraine. The unilateral development of organic production in our country caused by incomplete legislative and regulatory framework that clearly outlined the state policy in the field of organic production, created the conditions for the legal recognition and protection of organic products, the formation of a national certification system, rules, standards, and clear, effective state support and incentives for organic production. Due to organic farming will be able to increase the soil fertility and generally keep them, increase the environmental safety of rural areas by reducing the number fertilizers and chemicals that are used in intensive agriculture. Also, this sector will lead to an increase in biodiversity of the environment, which in turn will contribute to the increased environmental condition. And improving environmental conditions will improve the general state of health and their immune resistance. And this is a strategic priority of the Ministry of Health that Ukraine should be interested in improving the health of the population of Ukraine. The data are of great scientific and practical importance can be used in planning new and reforming existing pig enterprises.

State and potential of development of the organic pig breeding of Ukraine.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016