Bioactive addition of SPIRULINA PLATENSIS and its use is in growing of quail

UDC 574.5.085.16:636.6.087

А. Homenko

Experimentally proved that the use of milk whey consisting of nutrient medium during the cultivation of blue-green microalgae Spirulina platensis has a stimulating effect on the increase of biomass. Most dry biomass obtained by introducing 3.0% by volume of milk whey nutrient medium. Biomass obtained from the nutrient medium by adding this dose milk whey exceeded productivity of control 89.28% (p ≤ 0,001). With increasing concentrations of milk whey to 4.0% by volume of the amount of dry matter biomass Spirulina platensis was higher at 59.1% (p ≤ 0,001), compared with the control, but relative terms in the third experimental medium number decreased by 15.9%. The optimal technological parameters of biotechnology for the use of Spirulina platensis dairy whey consisting of nutrient medium are: pH of the nutrient medium within 9,0-10,0; temperature – 29,0±1,0°C; round the clock illumination – 2900 lux ± 40,0.Studies indicate that feeding quail between 1 to 22 days feed on content of 2.0% and from 23 to 50 days of growing – with a content 3.0% of biomass Spirulina platensis results to weight increase of poultry in 3,23%. The increase of average weight and absolute increments of poultry by use of biomass 3.0% supplement of Spirulina platensis, respectively, 5.47 and 4.20% compared with the control. In the study of the impact of biomass Spirulina platensis on indicators of performance observed meat likely increase body mass ante quail III experimental group, the feeding of the feed additive content of 3.0% by weight of Spirulina platensis fodder by 1.6 % (p ≤ 0,01) relative to control.

Key words: microalgae, fodder additive, biomass Spirulina platensis, culture, quail, body weight, feed.

Bioactive addition of SPIRULINA PLATENSIS and its use is in growing of quail.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016