Embryological characteristics of the results of transplantation of bovine embryos..

UDC 636.2:591.392:578.83

I. Liuta


The question of the impact of “direct transplantation” cryopreserved embryos in pregnant cows.
Transplantation of cattle embryos in German Holstein cows (black and pockmarked suit) was held at the farm of “Krok-UkrZalizBud” (Chernihiv region. ). 25 transplants of embryos used 25 heifers’ recipients who underwent non-surgical embryo transplantation. The embryos were frozen under the following conditions: 10 seconds in the air for 20 seconds in a water bath at + 25C (the recommendations of the German manufacturer embryos «VOSt-ET»). It is shown that increasing the term of embryos in liquid nitrogen did not affect significantly the viability of embryos. Research has found that the use of hormones “Estrofan” to synchronize estrus in heifers’ recipients can increase significantly the number of heifers suitable for transplantation embryos. Chosen for heifers with yellow bodies, excellent sexual cycle and good quality. Embryo transplant recipients with questionable luteum were carried out. Animals that come to conceive spontaneously (without injection “Estrofan”) showed a better survival rate of embryos, but the figures were the same. The results showed that a clear selection of heifer’s recipient had a significant impact on the transplant of embryos in cattle. During the investigation, significant results were shown in the efficiency of engraftment following transplant recipients. Among the used embryos (n = 25) was 60. 0% at the late morula stage and 40. 0% – early blastocyst. This revealed that early blastocysts transplant recipient heifers pregnancy was at 40. 0% (4 of 10), thoses transplanted late morula also settled down at 40. 0% (6 of 15). Analysis of experimental data shows that the method of “direct transplantation” is very effective and can show results in recipients of 40. 0%. Pregnancy rate were close to domestic and international levels during transplantation of cryopreserved embryos in cattle. As a result of research obtained at the farm of “Krok-UkrZalizBud” seven heifers and three bulls were born (one of whom was stillborn).

Key words: transplantation of embryos, the corpus luteum, cryopreserved embryos, recipient- heifers, pregnancy.

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Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016