The reproductive quality of landrace sows’ bred in “Mig−Service−Agro” breeding farm conditions.

UDC 636.4.082

V. Melnyk
A. Stelmach
V. Kudryashova


This article describes basic reproductive qualities of Landrace sows. During the study the productivity of sows in nine farrows and older was analyzed. It was found that after the fifth farrow the sows’ high-fertility had reduced, but their large-fertility had increased. Milking of sows ranged from 51,3 to 59,4kg. The best sows (Landrace breed) should be used up to 10 farrows.
There is a limited number of leading researches on the features of Landrace pig breeds according to their age dynamics and reproductive qualities. We analyzed these figures at the best breeding Farm in Mykolayiv region. Landrace pig belong to one of the most common breeds of meat production in the world.
Evaluation of reproductive qualities of sows was carried out with the help of conventional livestock methods in 2014-2015.
Modern pig breeding is a highly developed industry with huge livestock production potential. Based on scientific advances in pork production in many countries have been improvements in existing and newly created high-breed pigs with the help of effective technology in terms of line pork production in large industrial complexes and in small farms. The great achievements have been obtained in breeding, improving Landrace pig performance.

Key words: reproduction quality, high-fertility, preservation, large-fertility, Landrace breed.

Reproductive qualities of landrace sows’ breed in the conditions of “Mig−Service−Agro” breeding farm.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016