Effect of feed supplement «Bio Plus 2B» for high quality pork

UDC 634.4.087.7

P. Shebanin, graduate student
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

Nowadays there is a total ban on use of antibiotics and hormonal growth promoters. In this context, the importance of research aimed at studying the influence of enzymes, pre- and probiotics, etc., on the productivity of pigs, is a priority, especially for acquiring European integration..
In this regard, the purpose of our research is the study of the effect of feed supplement «Bio Plus 2B» on the physico-chemical and chemical characteristics of pigs’ meat, as well as conducting the tasting and the organoleptic evaluation of meat-fat products.
Analysis of the results of studies of the active acidity of muscle tissue of experimental animals has shown that violations of the process of maturation of carcasses were not detected.
When pre-slaughter weight 100-120 kg statistically significant differences in the content of both moisture and dry matter of the longest muscle of the back, between animals of test groups were not found. Meat obtained from pigs, which in addition to the basic diet consumed probiotic product on fat was inferior to the meat of animals which received the basic diet of 0,41 and 0,36% (P>0,95) in the feed to live weight of 100 and 120 kg respectively.
Cooked meat of pigs of experimental groups has an excellent appearance, strong smell, very delicious, with a delicate texture. Overall assessment of the quality of the broth is also quite high. It should also be noted that any foreign odors or flavors after use of probiotic in the experimental group were not registered.
The meat quality of pigs of experimental groups complies with the requirements and rules, depending on the availability in the diet of probiotic, has specific properties. Thus, the use of living spore cultures in the form of a preparation «Bio Plus 2B» influenced the improvement of physical-chemical and chemical properties of muscle tissue that improve taste and nutritional quality of meat.

Key words: pigs, probiotic, physicochemical properties of pork, a tasting of pork.

Effect of feed supplement «Bio Plus 2B» for high quality pork.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016