Foliage is an important indicator of quality for alfalfa sorts

UDC 633.311:631.524.7

L.  Antipova

Formulation of the problem. For increasing the gross yield of forage per unit of the sertain area it is important to accelerate the introduction for the industry of high-yielding varieties of alfalfa. The aim of this study was to determine the quality of high-yielding varieties of alfalfa, in particular, the number of leaves to increase plant productivity in the arid zone. This study is relevant.
The results of research. It was found that the most valuable part of the fodder alfalfa at the beginning of budding are leaves. Leaves contain 2 times more fat, 1,5 times – the protein, ash, calcium and nitrogen; 1,2 times more – phosphorus than in the stems and cellular tissue – 2,3 times less.
There are more than 23,1% fodder units of dry substances in 1 kg of leaves and 45,8% more is digestible protein than in stems. This indicates that leaves of alfalfa have essential significance in the structure of fodder.
During the second year of life alfalfa has reached the stage budding content of leaves ranged from 43,9 (Hope grade) to 47,3% (Svitoch grade) with 44,3% of control values (Sinskaya grade – standard).
Average for all varieties of alfalfa availability presence foliage during the second year has reached the level of 45,6 ± 0,9%. In the third year leaf content in the aboveground biomass has decreased to 41,4 ± 1,5%.
Average for the second and third years of life, foliage ranged from 42,2% in grade Poltavchanka to 44,6% (from grades Vinnichanka and Darkie) – 45,0% grade Eve, when the reference value is 43,6%.
Solutions. Varieties of Eve is 45,0%, Vinnichanka and Smooglianka (by 44,6%), Svitoch (43,7%) give the highest foliage, on average, for the second and third years of the life of alfalfa in non-irrigated conditions of South Steppe. When in the control group there is Sinskaya grade (standard) at the level of the average data for all grades (43,6%).

Key words: alfalfa, grade, foliage, feed units, digestible protein, fodded specific unit.

Foliage is an important indicator of quality for alfalfa sorts

Issue 3(91), 2016