Information support of lands monitoring and the creation of territorial geoinformation systems of real estate cadastre

UDC 332.2:332.3:349.4

Y. Kirichek, V. Granik 

We analysed the municipal geoinformation state support of activities of the territorial communities in Ukraine. Prime ways of its development on the basis of the existing technical materials and the new database is created with application of modern technologies are offered.
We offered to create an instrument of increasing effective management of administrative territories and settlements development, namely: creation at the regional level of geospatial data system, development and deployment of the town-planning cadastre.
The main aim in creating and functioning of the town-planning inventory is rational use of land resources, increasing revenues of the budget, ensuring subjects of town-planning and investment activity of actual complex, reliable information about acting at the territory of the area town-planning regulations, about the town-planning value of various territories, their actual state and uses, and also about changes of real estate objects during the town-planning and investment activity.
The only one informational system of storage and use of geospatial data on the territory, administrative and territorial units should consist of ecological, engineering-geological conditions, information resources of construction norms, state standards and rules for satisfaction of information needs for planning of territories and construction, formation of a branch component of the state geoinformation resources.
The town-planning cadastre of the area is intended for providing local governments and public authorities with the information which is necessary for making administrative decisions, and also on a contract basis – information of legal entities and individuals for satisfaction their requirements.
The town-planning cadastre is created for the whole district and it has to contain data about:
– the unified digital topographical basis of the territory which is based on using  topographic maps and cartographical basis of the state land cadastre;
– borders of administrative and territorial units which are basis on data from the state land cadastre;
– schemes of territory planning with objects of regional and district meaning outside settlements;
– results of development monitoring of general layout, a plan of zoning a territory and detailed plans;
– information resources of industrial cadastres and informational systems concerning the use of the territories, ecological, engineering-geological, seismic, hydrogeological and other division into districts of the territory on the basis of the data which have been received from the corresponding industry inventories and information systems.

Keywords: efficiency, agrarian production, productivity, development, gross production.

Information support of lands monitoring and the creation of territorial geoinformation systems of real estate cadastre

Issue 3(91), 2016