The impact of fertilizers on the yield of false flax (Camelina sativa)

UDC 631.82.02:633.853:631.5

A. Likhochvor

The   influence of fertilizers on the yield and quality of spring false flax seed varieties Mirage was established. The scheme of the experiment included six  variants  of  fertilizer: N0R0K0, N40R20K40, N60R30K60, N80 (40 + 40) R40K80, N100 (40 + 40 + 20) R50K100,  N120 (40 + 40 + 40) R60K120. Phosphate and potash fertilizers were applied for plowing, nitrogen fertilizers were applied under cultivation for the first time, for the second time in a phase of sockets and for the third time they were applied in the budding phase. Researches were conducted in the western forest-steppe zone on the dark grey light-loamy soils. The contents of humus in the plow layer is 2.1%, alkalihydrolytic nitrogen by Kornfildom -101 mg / kg soil (low), mobile phosphorus – 243 mg / kg (high) and exchangeable potassium (by Chirikov) -130 mg / kg (high) . The reaction of soil solution (pH-6,0) is neutral.
It was established that with increasing rates of fertilizers with N0R0K0 to N120R60K120, field germination decreased from 81.8% to 76.6%, and the survival of plants under the influence of fertilizers increased from 85.0% to 91.3%. The density of plants before harvesting had changed under the influence of fertilizer and was within 208 – 210 of units / m2.
Increasing rates of mineral fertilizers from N0R0K0 N40R20K40 provided the highest yield increase – by 0.43 t / ha, or 33.6%. Each increasing of the rate of fertilizers by N20R10K20 favoured the increase of yields in the range of 0.14 – 0.43 t / ha. The yield of false flax seed varieties Mirage under fertilizers influence  increased from 1.28 t / ha in the  variant without fertilizers to 2.44 t / ha in the variant with the highest rate (N120R60K120), it  increased by 1.16 t / ha, or by 90,1%.
If false flax yield increased with increasing fertilizer rates, the oil content in higher backgrounds decreased. Thus, on the first version without fertilizers it was 46.7%,  but on the background N120R60K120  it decreased to 45.7%, or 1%.

Key words: false flax,  fertilizers, rates , yield, oil contents.

The impact of fertilizers on the yield of false flax (Camelina sativa)

Issue 3(91), 2016