Prospects of international cooperation between Ukraine in the sphere of security and quality of product food

UDC 637.072

L. Patreva 

The implementation of the healthy nutrition concept of the population is one of the main places belongs to food safety. The main criterion for evaluating products in the world is the quality that determines the level of a society as whole and each person individually. State Concern for the quality of products is considered to be obligatory for the national economy. Last years are characterized by a significant increase of attention to the problems of food safety and reinforcing the control over their quality from both sides: the individual state control and the international level.
Ukraine has chosen the European way of development in the main direction of the state policy, and accoding to this the path of modernizing the economy, involving foreign investments, access to world markets, participating in various European programs and agencies. According to this strategic direction Ukraine is facing important tasks in the field of food safety, the resolution of which will allow to sustain international cooperation with the EU. Based on the study it has been found that difference in technical norms and standards is one of the major problems faced by Ukrainian and European companies. In-deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) provides the approval from Ukrainian and European standards for industrial and agricultural products, which means production and sale by the same rules.
Ukraine needs to make orders to progressively achieve compliance with EU technical regulations and systems of standardization, metrology, accreditation, conformity assessment and market surveillance and to follow the EU principles and practices which are set out in existing EU Regulations and Decisions.
Ukraine should align its legislation on sanitary and phytosanitary activities and keep animals according to norms and standards of the EU. The Law of Ukraine “Basic principles and requirements for safety and quality of food» № 1602-VII has the nature of European integration and involves participation in the relevant international organizations that set standards for sanitary activities and food at the regional and global levels.

Key words: Ukraine, international cooperation, production, safety, quality.

Prospects of international cooperation between Ukraine in the sphere of security and quality of product food

Issue 3(91), 2016