Growth and development of black currant depending on the use of mulching and irrigation

UDC 634.723.1

L. Postolenko

The results of the evaluation processes of growth and development of black currant varieties under different soil maintenance systems in band around the bush and the availability of irrigation. As a result of research in 2010 – 2015 years found, but use of mulching materials – agrofibre and tapes stipulated more early ( on 1-2 days ) beginning of vegetation, flowering beginning, flowering end, offensive of collective ripeness, at all explored sorts comparatively with a control variant black pair, and beginning and end to November – vice versa trod later on 2-4 days. Mulching soil by sawdusts, straw and pine-needle detained passing of phases at a currant on 1-3 days, except for beginning and end to November.
Investigated that the total annual increase in a variety of options for Muse experiment ranged from 12.09 m to 14.40 m. The highest figure was using mulchuyuchoho material agrofibre using irrigation – 14,40 m, without irrigation in a variety of Melody – 13,30 m.
In grade Melody height bushes on variations of the experiment was located between 1.12 m to 1.22 m. The highest figure was using mulching material – agrofibre without irrigation – 1.18 m, in the version using irrigation – 1.22 m respectively .
It is established that the results of the impact study mulchuyuchyh materials and use drip irrigation to plants biometric indicators studied currant varieties were better options while using irrigation and mulching – agrofibre and straw.

Key words: black currant, sort, growth, increase, mulching, irrigation, bush.

Growth and development of black currant depending on the use of mulching and irrigation.

Issue 3(91), 2016