Adaptative approach guarantee in the state environmental safety

UDC 338.43(477):339.9

O. Vyshnevska, Doctor of Economics, Professor
N. Bobrovska, Candidate of Economics
Mykolayiv National Agrarian Universityа

The ground of global ecological problems is conducted, warning possibilities, neutralizations of ecological risks, are educed taking into account introduction of global ecological agreement. Effectiveness of adaptation approach is reasonable in guaranteeing of ecological safety of the state taking into account influence of global changes and tendencies.
It was proved that the current level of cooperation requires an adequate strategy of the international community in order to minimize environmental risks and to limit the negative impact on the ecosystem. Some important aspects of further development is the interest of the business environment in the implementation of environmental protection measures, imposing liability for environmental violations in need of strengthening control functions and increase social responsibility and environmental awareness.
The component trends of approximation strategic priorities had been identified in order to adapt to international and European legislation. It was proved that in order to preserve the environment and form ecological security of the state it is important to cooperate with international organizations in the spheres of the legislation. Approximation of Ukraine to the environmental norms of EU countries will jointly address pressing issues and provide opportunities of preserving the environment for future generations, which is a requirement of time.
Directions, constituents and terms of introduction of adaptation approach, are conditioned in guaranteeing of ecological safety of the state taking into account a depth and scales of ecological problems.

Key words: ecological safety, globalization, ecological problems of humanity, adaptation approach.

Adaptative approach guarantee in the state environmental safety.

Issue №3 (91), 2016