Features institutional support of the regional labor market

UDC 332.1

S. Horbach

The article highlights the main features of the institutional security of the regional labor market. The reasons for the reduction of employment in national agriculture were found out. It was discovered that those reasons are far from the current world-economic tendencies, where the most important factor of change is the intensification of agrarian production and the implementation of the achievements of NTP. In Ukraine, the main impetus for job cuts is the elimination or suspension of agrarian enterprises.
The factors influencing the development of the regional labor market were revealed. It has also been found that the size of wages, which cannot meet the basic needs of worker and his family, is not attractive to young people. Therefore, the aging of labor resources in the agrarian sector is completely natural. The ratio characterizing the educational level of labor resources is also unfavorable. In the period of global economic changes in the agrarian sector of the economy, people with higher and secondary vocational education were the most professionally mobile, moving from the sphere of agriculture to the other areas. Such a high ability to change work in these groups of labor resources is based on multilateral knowledge and skills which were acquired during the learning process, as well as a rapid response to changes in the economic system. This process has led to the fact that the educational level of agrarian workers is currently rather weak. The elements that restrain the processes of functioning of the labor market were highlighted. The necessity of formation of effective institutional security fir the further formation of the regional labor market is considered. Fundamental institutional transformations have the main goal of changing the formal and informal conditions of economic activity, as well as creating effective incentives for entrepreneurial and labor activity of the rural population in order to modify the content of organizational and economic relations, create a new system of forms of ownership and on this basis to transform the existing forms of management. Improvement of formal and informal institutions in its turn requires a significant amount of time, especially in case of conservatism which is related to changing people’s consciousness. Thus, in the context of radical institutional transformations, the problem of adaptation of agrarian enterprises to market conditions of management is relevant. The necessary steps are being taken to intensify this process in the region.

Key words: institutional support, labor market, rural population, labor resources.

Features institutional support of the regional labor market.

Issue 4 (92), 2016