Modern condition of material and technical support of agricultural enterprises in Kyiv region

UDC 631/635: 631.11(477.41)

A. Grek

Logistical support agricultural producers in the current development of the state is one of the most critical areas of the agro-industrial complex. The present condition makes it impossible to meet the technological needs of agricultural enterprises in machinery, equipment and maintenance works.
Development of branches of agriculture in modern conditions depends not only on the level of technical support, characterized by the number of vehicles, their quality, performance, compliance with international requirements to the economic characteristics of the environment and safety, but also the technological perfection of production.
As part of a comprehensive study of agricultural machinery in agricultural enterprises of Kyiv region studies found, that the number of technical means for the period 2010-2015 dramatically reduced and in certain types reaches nearly half a technological need. The situation is most critical in ensuring potato and flax harvesting equipment.
The situation with update technology, almost all types of vehicles in all categories, the only one exception is the high cost of agricultural holding and governance structures. They have the ability to effectively lead the production and uses of funds for the technological upgrade of the agricultural sector with other sectors of the economy.
Domestic producers in need of technological renovation of material-technical base. Technical equipment in most cases was purchased decades ago, as a result, are morally and physically obsolete, so don’t allow to timely and efficiently carry out the whole planned complex of works.
To solve this problem, an integrated approach is needed for reproduction of technical potential to the level of need based on the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of renovation of fixed production assets of agriculture.

Key words: technics, equipment, technical capacity, agricultural enterprises, commodity producers, physical infrastructure.

Modern condition of material and technical support of agricultural enterprises in Kyiv region.

Issue №1 (93), 2017