Relation between molecular genetic markers and classes of sheep

UDC 636.32/38.082.12

V. Kyrychenko,
S. Kot,
K. Skrepets

Observation of structural changes in the concentration of genetic characteristics in the process of crossing and pure breeding, to evaluate a combination of allelic status of genes coding for a protein or clusters of genes with quantitative traits, to identify genetic markers of high performance, resistance, optimal combination of parental pairs, and establish the role of each from source rocks in the formation of genetic structure in the process rock formation.
Since the formation of the desired phenotype in the process of selection involving all the physiological, biochemical and genetic systems, including those that control metabolism, biochemical data use and immunogenetic analysis in breeding work can significantly accelerate the breeding process and increase the efficiency of breeding.
As a result of appraisal, which is the multilateral evaluation of animal production traits and their breeding value on a range of signs, sheep are arranged in classes. Our studies have shown that there is a certain connection between the distribution of lambs into classes and molecular genetic markers.
In our work, we studied the relationship between molecular genetic blood markers of Ascanian karakul sheep and lamb class indicators. Reliable differences were determined between groups of individuals with different genotypes of transferrin locus among lambs of different classes. Additionally, it was discovered that genotypes TfAB and TfBB were found significantly more frequently among elite lambs.
Investigations of the relation between alleles of Tf-locus and lamb distribution into classes showed if the concentration of allele TfC increases the number of animals of better classes decrease.
Thus, we can conclude that there is a relation between the transferrin locus and lamb classes.
The established relation will greatly improve the efficiency of plant breeding in Karakul sheep-breeding.

Key words: sheep, genotype, immunogenetics, marker, class.

Relation between molecular genetic markers and classes of sheep.

Issue №1 (93), 2017