Current condition of electro-physical bactericidal and insecticidal grain products processing methods

UDC 621.314

D. Zakharov

At this stage of agriculture developments there is acute problem of improving the quality and reduce losses of grain products during storage period. Also, given the economic crisis and the desire to limit the use of chemicals to control pests and pathogenic fungi, interest in electro-physical methods of agricultural products processing is growing in the world.
Conducted analysis has shown that for the implementation of bactericidal and insecticidal processing of agricultural products are actively develops electrical equipment for high voltage electric fields, electromagnetic and magnetic fields, infrared and ultraviolet and gamma radiation processing of grain. One of the main methods of disinfection is processing of grain mass with ozone, however, established that the disadvantage of grain disinfection systems that uses ozone generators are gas losses, since ozone while moving from the generator into the chamber is partially decomposed into oxygen, which in turn leads to inflating equipment power and reduce processing efficiency. Therefore, development and improvement of equipment for generating ozone in the volume of grain mass remains relevant.
Thus the necessity of developing the equipment for grain products disinfection by high-frequency pulse corona discharge is established. Article established prospects of grain disinfection by pulse corona discharge volume method in the grain mass. This method has several advantages including absence of ozone pipeline, since ozone is generated in the grain mass, high frequency of high voltage discharges provides relative safety of operation and small size of the high voltage pulse generator of ozone generator.

Key words: ozone generator, electro-physical methods, grain disinfection, corona discharge.

Current condition of electro-physical bactericidal and insecticidal grain products processing methods.

Issue №1 (93), 2017