Analysis of construction solutions of pressure equipment

UDC 631.363:633.8

D. Babenko Ph.D., professor
E. Gorbenko Ph.D., associate professor
N. Dotsenko Ph.D.
N. Kim assistant researcher
Mykolayiv State Agrarian University

Introduction. The article analyzes the existing screw pressing mechanisms and structures of working bodies of lubrication presses.
Research methodology. Variety of constructions of screw pressing mechanisms is explained by different sphere of application of these machines and individual characteristics of separate production.
All screw pressing mechanisms can be divided into the characteristic structures of the working body (screw), body and matrix into three groups.
Solving the problem of loading and moving artificial material, caused the need to create multi-presses. Initially, designs were developed with screw counter-rotation of identical length, constant step and cutting profile. In the course of further development, there were numerous variants, as well as designs with more than two screws and different geometry of working bodies.
The results. Increasing the efficiency of production, the creation of modern technologies and machines of the new generation are among the factors that ensure the stable work of the enterprises of processing industries.
Efficiently working press should provide the necessary performance and deep press with optimum technical and economic indicators.
The method of cold pressing of oil-bearing vegetable raw material allows to receive the main and auxiliary products without preliminary grinding, heat treatment and with less energy consumption. In the processing industry and in the field of forage preparation, machines with a working organ in the form of a single auger became the most widespread.
Conclusions. Along with all the advantages, complex polygonal machines with different types of working bodies, have not found wide application in the processing industries due to the complex manufacturing technology and the great complexity. On the contrary, single-screw machines, in all their drawbacks, do not yield to productivity, quality of production and cost-effectiveness of twin-screw presses.

Key words: Screw, press, pressure, press, vegetable oil, efficiency, profitability, productivity.

Analysis of construction solutions of pressure equipment

Issue 2 (94), 2017