External environment and its influence on the development of a cоmpаny’s еcоnоmіc pоtеntіаl

UDC 330.341.1:631.11

M. Dubinina,
I. Prykhodko,
O. Luhova,

The external environment is a source that provides the company with the resources necessary to maintain its economic potential at an appropriate level. A company must not only adapt to the external environment by adapting its internal structure and behavior in the market, but also actively shaping the external conditions of its activities, constantly exposing threats and potential opportunities in the external environment.
Ability to adapt to changes in the external environment is the main condition for survival of the company and the formation of its economic potential.
The factors that impact to the formation of company’s economic potential are divided into external and internal.
External factors are those that a company is not able to change, as a rule, but it should be taken into account as they affect the economic potential.
An analysis of the external environment allows to develop strategic solutions that provide an algorithm for interaction between company and the environment in the short and long term, which will maintain their potential at the level necessary to achieve the goal, identify the threat and consider the development opportunities.
Macro environment is presented by factors of a broader social plan that affects the micro-environment – economic, technological, political, social and ecological nature.
The micro environment is represented by forces that are directly related to the company, its capabilities to service consumers, that is, suppliers, intermediaries, customers, competitors. All factors of the external environment of the company are interdependent and interconnected.
According to its purpose, the economic potential of the company not only affects the factors of the external and internal environment of the company, but also designed to interact with them, based on the use and enhancement of the influence of favorable factors for the development of the enterprise; Counteracting and reducing the negative impact of other factors.
To analyze the influence of the external environment on the formation of the company’s economic potential in the Mykolayiv region, we used the STEP-analysis method, which allows us to assess the political, economic, social and technological factors.

Key words: cоmpаny’s еcоnоmіc pоtеntіаl, development оf еcоnоmіc pоtеntіаl, external environment, impact factors.

External environment and its influence on the development of a cоmpаny’s еcоnоmіc pоtеntіаl.

Issue 2 (94), 2017