Features of foreign economic cooperation in the region

UDC 339.94:332.146

T. Smelyanets,
L. Moloshna

It is proved that in the context of the modern globalization challenges, the formation of strategic directions of development in foreign economic activity of enterprises in the Mykolaiv region in the system of world economic relations becomes extremely important. It is emphasized that the regional policy, which deals with the activisation of international cooperation, which should contribute to the deepening of the territorial division of labor, specialization of production, creation of industrial structures that meet the geographical and economic conditions of each region, should be formed.
International business development of the region should ensure an effective use of scientific and technological capabilities, entrepreneurship development, introducing various forms of managing, promote market saturation with goods and services, satisfaction of the needs, positively affect on the welfare of the population.
The features of foreign economic activity in Mykolayiv region are revealed and the promising areas of growth for sustainable development are identified. It is noted that during the last five years there is the declining in foreign economic activity of the region. The decrease in export is affected by reduction in supply to foreign markets such goods as plant products, mechanical and electrical equipment, products of chemical and allied industries, less services were provided to foreigners in the area of the processing of material resources, repair and maintenance. Imports decreased because of the reducing of the importation from abroad of base metals and products, made from them, processed food products, less consumption of business services and services related to travel. Unfortunately, outdated technology, low investment activity and a relatively small proportion of products with a high added value dominated in the regional economy.
For the development of the international business activity of the enterprises in Mykolaiv region it is necessary to:
– create a favorable investment climate in order to attract foreign investments for creating working places;
– promote foreign economic relations of enterprises regardless to their ownership and location;
– facilitate the creation of the legislation base projects with foreign partners.
Interaction of the economy in Mykolayiv region with the world economy should be based on a comprehensive, flexible and dynamic external economic policy the main task of which is to determine the stages, directions, forms and methods of implementation of an effective external economic strategy.

Key words: foreign economic activity, region, exports, managing.

Features of foreign economic cooperation in the region.

Issue 2 (94), 2017