Appoximation of the development process of the socio-economic system of Ukraine

UDC 316.3:33(477)

O. Bilichenko

The development of the socio-economic system of Ukraine requires the formation of a balanced macroeconomic policy. The problem of economic development of the country is not new, but changes in the external and internal environment leave research in this direction relevant.
The socio-economic system covers the processes of production, exchange, distribution and consumption of material goods. In structure it is complicated, but belongs to a class of cybernetic, that is, controlled systems. It is practically impossible to take into account all probable changes. However, it is possible to identify the system-forming elements and with the help of approximation with a certain probability to predict their influence. Approximation is a method of conscious simplification of too accurate theoretical knowledge in order to bring it into line with the needs and opportunities of practice.
Economic development of the country constrains military conflicts, fluctuations in the national currency, and excessive taxes. Development of a policy of economic development of the country requires the establishment of planned indicators. For their achievement, direct and indirect instruments of influence on macroeconomic processes are used. In the case of projected changes, it is also important to provide alternatives for further action.
Economic development occurs under the condition of an aggregate supply in the country. An internal source for this may be the redistribution of capital investment between types of economic activity. To achieve a potential level of production, you need to create a sufficient number of jobs. World practice proves the need to stimulate the processing of raw materials for the manufacture of products suitable for end use. Regulation of the level of interest rates affects the monetary policy of the country. In order to reduce the cost of attracted and placed money, the National Bank of Ukraine reduces the discount rate, thus using one of the tools of direct monetary policy regulation.

Keyword: approximation, economic development, aggregate supply, consumption fund, investment, employment, interest, inflation targeting.

Appoximation of the development process of the socio-economic system of Ukraine.

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Issue 3 (95), 2017